Offering DIN、 ANSI and other standard pipe system accessories to satisfy your global trade demands.

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Customized logo packaging color to meet the needs of your global customers.

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Choose from PVC, CPVC, PP, HDPE, PPH, and PVDF piping systems, tailored to fit your environmental needs.

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Fast delivery and low MOQ provide more possibilities for your business.

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Welcome to your one-stop solution provider for advanced piping systems. Designed to meet your business needs, our diverse product range includes German and American standard pipe accessories, meticulously crafted from high-quality materials such as PVC, CPVC, PP, HDPE, PPR, PPH, and PVDF. These materials not only assure top performance and durability but are chosen to cater to your specific business requirements in global trade. Our commitment to you extends beyond just providing products; we empower your business with essential tools such as product and bank certifications, and customs preferential gift books, all designed to amplify your profits. Experience the advantage of our high-quality materials and tailored services. Join us today and let us be your partner in driving unrivaled business growth and success.

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Our manufacturing facilities work around the clock to provide customers with plastic valves, pipes, fittings, irrigation accessories and more. And can be customized according to customer preferences. We focus on adhering to scheduled delivery schedules, provide our customers with an efficient production process, and take pride in delivering products on time. Customer satisfaction is our core focus and our mission is to deliver quality products as per the specifications provided by our customers.


100% New Materials


We use 100% new materials, and all of them are well-examined before injection. We work hard to ensure that our products remain high quality.


Injection Molding Production


We have more than 50 injection molding machines and custom molds.Customized production can be carried out according to your order.


Quality Inspection

Dimensional inspection

We use 100% new materials, and all of them are well-examined before injection. We work hard to ensure that our products remain high quality.


Product Assembly

Plastic ball valve assembly

 Experienced workers assemble injection-molded parts, and all processes follow standard operating procedures.


100% Pressure Testing

PVC ball valve leakage test

Pre-shipment pressure testing is a necessary step. Ensure our products are airtight and 100% leak-free.


Laser Trademark

Plastic ball valve laser printing trademark

For small batch orders, we can also customize the trademark according to your requirements to help your brand start the globalization process.



PVC pipe fittings packaging

We can customize color boxes, outer boxes, etc. according to your requirements to meet your pursuit of the brand.


Efficient Delivery


We have our own logistics system and cooperate with many transportation companies. These items will be delivered to your designated destination promptly and safely.


Usually, our MOQ for valves and fittings is 10 boxes. If a customized trademark is required, additional negotiation is required. For pipes, it depends on the material. Please contact us via email for specific minimum order quantities.

We provide custom solutions designed to meet your unique requirements. Valve and fittings can be customized with exclusive logo, color and packaging. Usually we have two ways to customize valves and pipe fittings: through laser or mold inserts. If the quantity is large, we use the mold form, if the quantity is small, we use the laser method.
For specific quantities please contact us via email for details.

The delivery time for orders is contingent on the quantity requested and current inventory levels. Standard delivery is typically completed within 30 working days, with some products potentially being delivered even more quickly.

We provide global shipping for our pipe system accessories, with Ningbo Port serving as our default shipping port. For details regarding shipping to your particular location, please consult with our shipping department.
We accept multiple payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card and letter of credit. Please contact our sales staff to learn more about the best options for your business.


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ISO Certification
SGS Certification
SGS material testing certificate
FTA Certification of Origin
Frome Certificate of origin
Bank settlement certificate

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