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CPVC Sch80 Pipe & Fittings

All pipes and fittings adhere to the ASTM F441/F441M standards. CPVC pipes are crafted from a 100% virgin unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compound, ensuring that no recycled materials are incorporated into the manufacturing process.

Size range: 1/2″-12″.MOQ:10CTNS.


ASTM-F441/ASTM-F439/ASTM -F437

CPVC Sch80 Pipe standard size and pressure

Nominal Pipe Size (Inch) Outside Diameter (OD) (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Tolerance on Wall Thickness (mm) Pressure Rating at 23°C (73.4°F) (Bar) Pressure Rating at 23°C (73.4°F) (PSI)
1/2" 21.34 2.77 0~ +0. 51 19.0 275.57
3/4" 26.67 2.87 0~ +0. 51 16.0 232.06
1" 33.4 3.38 0~ +0. 51 15.0 217.56
1-1/4" 42.16 3.56 0~ +0. 51 13.0 188.55
1-1/2" 48.26 3.68 0~ +0. 51 12.0 174.05
2" 60.33 3.91 0~ +0. 51 11.0 159.54
2-1/2" 73.03 5.16 0~ +0. 61 11.0 159.54
3" 88.90 5.49 0~ +0. 66 10.0 145.04
4" 114.3 6.02 0~ +0. 71 9.0 130.53
5" 141.3 6.55 0~ +0. 79 8.0 130.53
6" 168.3 7.11 0~ +0. 86 8.00 116.03
8" 219.1 8.18 0~ +0. 99 7.0 101.53
10" 273.05 9.27 0~ +1.12 94.27 6.5
12" 323.85 10.31 0~ +1.24 6.0 87.62
14" 355.6 11.1 0~ +1.35 5.5 79.77
16" 406.4 12.7 0~ +1.52 5.0 72.52

Note:The wall thickness and tolerances provided are approximate and may vary between manufacturers and specific production batches.
The pressure ratings listed are generalized for CPVC SCH80 pipes at 23°C (73.4°F) and will decrease at higher temperatures. The pressure ratings are based on continuous service and may not apply to all types of fluids or installation conditions.

General Hot Selling Products

CPVC SCH80 pressure piping systems are available in many types of fittings to suit different applications and requirements. Below are our best selling types of CPVC fittings.

Sch80 CPVC Pipes

PVC Pressure Pipes

Sch80 CPVC Coupler

Sch80 CPVC Coupler

Sch80 CPVC Reducer Coupling

Sch80 CPVC Reducer Coupling

SHC80 CPVC 90 Degree Elbow

SHC80 CPVC 90 Degree Elbow

CPVC Sch80 45 Degree Elbow

CPVC Sch80 45 Degree Elbow

Sch80 CPVC Equal Tee

CPVC Sch80 Tee

Sch80 CPVC Reducing Tee

CPVC Sch80 Reduceing Tee

Sch80 CPVC Cross Tee

CPVC Sch80 Cross

Sch80 CPVC Pipe End Cap

CPVC Sch80 End Cap

Sch80 CPVC Male Coupler

CPVC Sch80 Male Coupler

Sch80 CPVC Female Coupler

CPVC Sch80 Female Adapter

CPVC Sch80 One Piece Flange

CPVC Sch80 One Piece Flange

CPVC Sch80 Van Stone Flange

CPVC Sch80 Van Stone Flange

Sch80 CPVC Union

CPVC Sch80 Uion

CPVC True Union Ball Valve


The FAQs About CPVC Sch80 Pipe & Fittings

Please note that the following is the FAQ of our regular ASTM Standard CPVC pipe fittings. If you have other requirements, please contact us by email

CPVC  Sch80 Pipes:

Size: 1/2"-16"


CPVC Sch80 Fittings:


Usually our products have a minimum order quantity of 5 cartons for each specification.

 Usually we will deliver within a week if there is stock, and within 30 days if there is no stock.



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Wanna dig deeper into CPVC Sch80 Pipe & Fittings ?


Why Choose CPVC Pipe Fittings?

Choosing CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe fittings for plumbing and industrial systems offers several advantages due to the material’s unique properties and performance characteristics. Here are key reasons why CPVC pipe fittings are often preferred:

1. Chemical Resistance
CPVC offers excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for use in chemical processing industries, as well as in residential plumbing where it may come into contact with various substances.
2. Corrosion Resistance
Unlike metal pipes and fittings, CPVC is inherently resistant to corrosion, both from water and external environmental factors. This reduces the risk of leaks and extends the lifespan of the piping system.
3. High Temperature Tolerance
CPVC can handle higher temperatures than PVC and many other plastic materials (up to about 200°F or 93°C). This makes CPVC fittings suitable for hot water lines and industrial applications involving higher temperatures.
4. Low Thermal Conductivity
CPVC’s low thermal conductivity means it minimizes heat loss in hot water applications and does not require additional insulation in most cases. This can improve energy efficiency in plumbing systems.
5. Ease of Installation
CPVC fittings can be easily joined with solvent cement, eliminating the need for welding or threading. This simplifies the installation process, saving time and reducing labor costs.
6. Durability and Strength
CPVC offers a good balance of tensile strength and flexibility, which helps resist physical impacts and pressures without cracking or breaking, ensuring long-term reliability of the plumbing system.

CPVC pipeline system for industrial projects

7. Safe for Potable Water
CPVC is non-toxic and has been approved for use in potable water systems. It does not leach harmful substances into the water, making it safe for drinking water supply lines.
8. Low Flame and Smoke Generation
In case of fire, CPVC generates lower amounts of flame and smoke compared to many other materials, contributing to safer fire performance characteristics.
9. Cost-Effective
While CPVC may have a higher initial cost than some alternatives, its durability, low maintenance requirements, and longevity can make it a more cost-effective choice over the lifespan of a piping system.
10. Compatibility
CPVC is compatible with many types of insulation and can be used in systems that also include metal pipes, using appropriate adapters and fittings.

General Applications For CPVC Sch80 Pipes & Fittings

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Industrial Applications

Water treatment piping system

Marine Applications

Waste and Vent Systems

Water Treatment

Pharmaceutical and Food Processing

CPVC pipeline system for Chemical Processing

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