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CPVC Handle Butterfly Valve

Size:50-200mm or 2″-8″

Material: CPVC

Standard: DIN/ANSI/JIS

Connection method: Flange

Working Pressure:150PSI

Lead time: 30 days around

Package: Cartons Box


Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

Products Description

CPVC handle butterfly valves are designed for more demanding applications than their PVC counterparts, offering enhanced durability and higher temperature resistance. Here are some key points about CPVC butterfly valves:

CPVC Butterfly Valve Features

Material: CPVC, or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic that is chemically altered to withstand higher temperatures and resist more aggressive chemicals than standard PVC. This makes CPVC valves suitable for hot water and corrosive liquids.

Design: Like other butterfly valves, the CPVC version features a rotating disc to control fluid flow, which can be adjusted from fully open to fully closed. The design is compact and requires less space than other types of valves, such as ball valves or gate valves.

Operation: CPVC butterfly valves can be operated manually via a lever or gear or automated with an actuator. The actuators can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic, designed to meet the specific requirements of an application.

Applications: Due to their chemical resistance and ability to handle high temperatures, CPVC butterfly valves are extensively used in chemical processing, water treatment, hot and cold water systems, and food and beverage processing where higher temperature fluids are common.

Advantages: The main benefits of using CPVC butterfly valves include their resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, low maintenance, and good control over fluid handling. They also tend to have a longer service life in harsh environments compared to other plastics.

When selecting a CPVC butterfly valve, it’s essential to consider the specifics of your application, such as the nature of the fluids being handled, pressure requirements, and environmental conditions, to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Specification of Material

CPVC Butterfly Valve Structure diagram
NO. Part Material NO. Part Material
1 Body CPVC 2 Disc CPVC
3 Seat Seal EPDM/VITON 4 Lever ABS/PVC
5 Safety Pin PVC 6 Pin SS304
7 Lever ABS 8 Mark Cap ABS
9 Screw SUS304 10 Stem SUS304/316
11 Plate uPVC/PP 12 Shaft Sleeve PP
13 O-Ring EPDM/Viton 14 Bottom Cap PP

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