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CPVC Electrical Butterfly Valve

Size:50-300mm or 2″-12″


Standard: DIN/ANSI/JIS

Connection method: Flange

Working Pressure:150PSI

Lead time: 30 days around

Package: Cartons Box


Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

Products Description

A CPVC electrical butterfly valve is equipped with an electric actuator to automate the operation of opening and closing the valve’s disc. This automation is particularly useful in applications where manual operation is impractical or where precise control and remote operation are required. Here’s an overview of CPVC electrical butterfly valves:

CPVC Electrical Butterfly Valve Features

Material Characteristics: CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is chosen for its superior resistance to high temperatures and chemicals compared to PVC. It withstands corrosive environments and hot fluids, making it ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Design and Functionality: These valves consist of a disc that rotates within the pipe to regulate or halt fluid flow. The electric actuator is mounted on the valve and can be controlled remotely, often integrated with system controls for automated process management.

Electric Actuator: The actuator in these valves is powered electrically, which facilitates precise control over the valve’s position with minimal manual intervention. Electric actuators can be programmed to respond to system demands automatically, and they often include features like position indicators, torque limiters, and manual override capabilities.

Applications: CPVC electrical butterfly valves are widely used in applications involving aggressive chemicals and high temperatures, such as chemical processing plants, water treatment facilities, and HVAC systems handling chemically treated hot water. They are also suitable for environments where electric power is preferred over pneumatic or hydraulic systems, such as in clean rooms or areas with limited space.

Advantages: The primary advantages of using CPVC electrical butterfly valves include their high chemical and thermal resistance, automated control for precise flow adjustments, reduced need for manual labor, and enhanced safety through remote operation capabilities.

Installation and Maintenance: These valves are relatively straightforward to install. Maintenance typically involves regular checks of the electrical components, such as the actuator and its connections, as well as monitoring the integrity of the valve disc and seals to ensure they remain effective against leaks.

Overall, CPVC electrical butterfly valves offer a robust solution for controlling fluid flow in harsh environments, where automated and accurate control is essential.



Specification of Material

CPVC Grea Butterfly valve Structure diagram
NO. Part Material NO. Part Material
1 Body CPVC 2 Disc CPVC
3 Seat Seal EPDM/VITON 4 Gear Box FC20
5 Bolt SUS304 6 Handle Fc20
7 Screw SUS304 10 Stem SUS304/316
12 Shaft Sleeve PP 13 O-Ring EPDM/Viton
14 Bottom Cap PP 12 Shaft Sleeve PP
13 O-Ring EPDM/Viton 14 Bottom Cap PP

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