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High Accuracy ABS Plastic Tube Type Rotameter


Flow Range:5-180m3/h

Float: Plastic ABS

Body: ABS

O-Ring Seals:NBR/EPDM/Viton

Type: inline mounting , Pipe mounting.

Working Pressure:10.3 bars (150 psig) @ 21°C (70°F)

Max Working Temperature:60°C


Maximum Pressure Drop: 2 PSI

Connection: socket/thread/flange

Moq: 10 Cartons

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Products Description

Rotameters are a type of variable area flowmeter used to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases.A rotameter consists of a tapered tube, usually made of plastic, with a float inside the tube. Fluid flows through the tube, causing the float to rise. The height of the float indicates the flow rate, which can be read from a scale on the tube.

The float rises or falls depending on the flow rate, and settles at the point where the upward force of the fluid flow equals the downward force of gravity. The wider part of the tube makes it easier for the fluid to flow, so the float settles at a height where the cross-sectional area matches the flow rate.

Key Components

Tapered tube: Usually made of plastic, widens from the bottom to the top, providing a variable area for the fluid to flow.
Float: Made of materials such as stainless steel, glass, or plastic, it moves freely inside the tube. The float can be made in different shapes (spherical, cylindrical) to suit specific applications.
Scale: Located on the tube or on a separate indicator, it provides a flow reading that corresponds to the height of the float.

Advantages of Rotameters

Simple and Reliable: No external power source is required, and there are few moving parts, so maintenance is low.
Visual Indication: Provides a direct visual reading of the flow rate.
Cost Effective: Typically less expensive than other flow meters.
Versatility: With proper material selection, can be used with a wide range of fluids, including corrosive ones.
Pressure Drop: Rotameters have a relatively low pressure drop, which is advantageous for many applications.


Water Treatment Plants: Used to measure the flow of water and chemicals in treatment processes.
Chemical Processing: Ideal for monitoring the flow of a wide range of chemicals.
Pharmaceutical: Used for precise metering of liquid components in manufacturing processes.
Laboratory: Often used in experimental setups to measure gas and liquid flow.
HVAC Systems: Used to monitor the flow of air and other gases in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Vertical Mounting: Make sure the rotameter is mounted vertically to get accurate readings.
Clean fluids: Use filters to prevent particles from clogging the rotameter.
Regular calibration: Calibrate the rotameter regularly to maintain accuracy.
Temperature and pressure: Select materials that can withstand the operating temperature and pressure of the application.

Example Use Case: Water Treatment

In water treatment plants, rotameters can be used to measure the flow of various chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, ensuring accurate dosing. They are installed in vertical pipes and provide an easy way to visually monitor flow rate, facilitating quick adjustments when necessary.

Technical Parameters

Nominal diameter (mm) Modle Measurement range Temperature ℃ Pressure MPa Accuracy
15 LZS-15 5-50L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
10-100L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
16-160L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
25-250L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
40-400L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
50-500L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
60-600L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
25 LZS-25 100-1000L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
160-1600L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
250-2500L/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
32 LZS-32 0.4-4m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
0.6-6m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
50 LZS-50 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
1-10m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
1.6-16m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
65 LZS-65 5-25m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
8-40m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
12-60m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
80 LZS-80 5-25m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
8-40m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
12-60m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
100 LZS-100 12-60m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
18-90m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
20-120m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
125 LZS-125 25-125m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
30-180m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
150 LZS-150 12-60m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
18-90m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
20-120m³/H 0-60 ±5% ≤0.6
25-150m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%
30-180m³/H 0-60 ≤0.6 ±5%

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