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Pneumatic True union ball valve

Size:20-110mm or 1/2″-4″


Joint End: Socket(DIN/ANSI/JIS/CNS) Threaded (BS/ANSI)

Working Pressure:150PSI

Lead time: 30 days around

Package: Cartons Box


Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

Products Description

The pneumatic true union ball valve is based on the ordinary true ball valve and is equipped with a pneumatic actuator, which can remotely operate the valve. With all the advantages of a true union ball valve and the possibility of remotely operating the switch, it is one of the indispensable valves for the automation of future pipeline systems. Common pneumatic true union ball valve materials include PVC, CPVC, and PPH.

Electric True Union Ball Valve Advantage

Quick Actuation: Pneumatic actuators provide rapid response and cycling capabilities, which is crucial in operations where fast valve actuation is necessary. This can enhance process efficiency and reduce downtime.
Cost-Effectiveness: The combination of a pneumatic actuator and a true union ball valve often results in a cost-effective solution for automated valve operations, especially when considering the long service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Specification of Material

Pneumatic True union ball valve drawings
NO. Part Material QTY Unit
3/4/8/9 O-Ring EPDM/VITON 7 Pcs
1 End Connector uPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF 2 Pcs
2 Union Nut uPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF 2 Pcs
5 Adaptor SUS304 1 Pcs
7 Support uPVC/SUS304 1 Pcs
10 Seal Carrier uPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF 1 Pcs
11 Seat PTFE 2 Pcs
12 Ball uPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF 1 Pcs
13 Body uPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF 1 Pcs
14 Srew SUS304 6-8 Pcs
15 Electric Actuator SUS304 1 Pcs

How to produce a qualified plastic ball valve ?

PVC Raw Material Granules

Premium Raw Materials

Each valve is born from 100% new, high-quality materials for unmatched durability.

Plastic ball valve injection molding production

Customized services

Our automated lines ensure efficient, uniform production for every order.

Dimensional inspection

Selective Quality Control

We strictly inspect every batch of products to ensure they meet the standards

Plastic ball valve assembly

Skilled Assembly

Assembled by seasoned experts, our valves promise reliability and longevity.

Plastic ball valve laser printing trademark

Branding with Precision

Customize with laser-engraved logos to elevate your brand’s visibility.

PVC ball valve leakage test

Unwavering Quality Assurance

We conduct 100% inspections to uphold our commitment to zero leaks.

PVC True Union Ball Valve Packaging

Tailored Packaging

Your products, showcased in custom packaging designed to impress and protect.


Robust Production Capacity

Ready to fulfill large orders with a monthly capacity that outpaces demand.

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