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PVC Gear Butterfly Valve

Size:63-400mm or 4″-20″


Standard: DIN/ANSI/JI

Connection method: Flange

Working Pressure:150PSI

Lead time: 30 days around

Package: Cartons Box


Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

Products Description

A gear butterfly valve is a type of butterfly valve that uses a gear mechanism to open and close the valve’s disc, which regulates the flow of fluid. This gearing allows for precise control over the valve position, making it suitable for applications where fine flow control is necessary.

PVC Gear Butterfly Valve Features

Mechanism: The gear mechanism in these valves typically involves either a worm gear or bevel gear arrangement. This setup allows for easier manual operation, especially in larger or higher pressure applications, as it reduces the force needed to turn the valve compared to a simple lever.

Material and Design: Gear butterfly valves can be made from various materials including cast iron, stainless steel, and PVC, depending on the application. The choice of material affects the valve’s suitability for different fluid types and temperature ranges.

Operation: The gearing mechanism multiplies the torque applied, allowing for smooth and incremental adjustments of the disc. This is particularly useful in systems requiring precise flow modulation, such as in water treatment plants or in HVAC applications.

Applications: Gear butterfly valves are widely used in water distribution, wastewater treatment, and industrial applications where large diameter pipes are common. They are also favored in high-pressure systems where manual operation without the aid of a gear system would be too laborious.

Advantages: The gear system provides a mechanical advantage that makes these valves easier to operate under high pressure or when the valve size is large. This setup also helps extend the life of the valve by reducing wear on the components due to less force exerted per operation.

Installation and Maintenance: Installation is straightforward, similar to other butterfly valves, but consideration must be given to space around the valve due to the additional gear housing. Maintenance generally involves regular lubrication of the gears and checking for wear and tear on the sealing surfaces and the gear mechanism itself.

Specification of Material

PVC Gear Butterfly Valve Sectional view
NO. Part Material NO. Part Material
2 Seat Seal EPDM/FPM 7 Key Steel
3 Disc uPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF 8 Gear-box Iron
4 Bolt SS304 9 Handle Wheel Iron
5 Stem Steel/304/316 10 Pin Steel

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