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PVC Wafer Check Valve

Size: DN50-DN400 or 2″-16″


Lead time: 30 days around

Package: Cartons Box

Seal: EPDM

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

Products Description

The PVC wafer check valve is a special form of check valve that adopts a thin disc-shaped “wafer” design and relies on a hinge mechanism to open and close the wafer. Fits snugly between two pipe flanges and is designed to prevent backflow in piping systems.

Installation and Operation

        The valve is designed to be installed between two pipeline flanges and held in place by the flange bolts. This setup reduces the need for extensive support and alignment, facilitating quicker installation.

Maintenance and Care

Regular Inspection: It is important to regularly inspect these valves for any signs of wear, damage, or blockage that could impair their function.

Cleaning: Debris and sediment can occasionally collect at the valve seat or on the disc, so periodic cleaning is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

Specification of Material

PVC Wafer Check Valve Sectional view
NO. Part Material QTY
1 Body UPVC 1
1 Flapper uPVC 1
3 Shaft M-PVC 1
4 O-Ring EPDM 1
5 O-Ring EPDM 2
6 Cover UPVC 1
7 Hanging Ring SUS304 1
8 Flow Arrow UPVC 2
9 Flange UPVC 2
10 Bolt Sets SUS304 4-16
11 Pipe Line UPVC 2

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