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Sch 80 Clear PVC 4 Inch True Union Y Strainer

Size:20-63mm or 1/2-2inch

Connection Type: Socket/Threaded/Flange

Screen Material:PVC


Filter material: PVC

Working Pressure:150 psi 

Moq: 10 Cartons

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Products Description

PVC Y strainers, also known as wye strainers, are an essential component in various piping systems. These strainers are designed in a distinctive “Y” shape, which allows them to be installed inline to effectively prevent solids, pipe scale, rust, and debris from contaminating liquids. Their unique design enables flexible installation, making it possible to place them either vertically or horizontally, thus saving valuable space in your system setup.

The term “Y-strainer” refers to the diagonal filter leg that branches off from the main pipe. This leg houses a cylindrical strainer basket that captures debris as liquid flows through it. When the strainer basket becomes full, you can easily remove the cap at the end of the diagonal leg to clean or replace the basket, ensuring the system remains efficient and free of blockages.

Key Features of PVC Y Strainers

  • Double Union Design: This feature allows for quick and easy installation, removal, and maintenance of the piping systems.
  • Clear PVC Body: The one-piece, transparent body offers durability and allows for easy visual inspection of the filter screen.
  • Easy Maintenance: The filter screen can be effortlessly removed for cleaning or replacement.
  • High Pressure Capacity: Designed to withstand working pressures up to 150 psi and hydrostatically tested at 225 psi at the factory before shipping.
  • Versatile Use: Available in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches, these strainers are suitable for various applications.

Design Specifications

  • Material: Made from transparent PVC, these Y strainers are highly resistant to corrosion and offer excellent chemical stability and weather resistance, ensuring a long service life.
  • Connection Types: They feature true union end connections, available in socket or threaded styles, and can be flanged if necessary.
  • Filter Screen: The standard 20 mesh PVC filter screen is easily accessible for cleaning or replacement.
  • Testing: Each strainer is tested at 150 psi before leaving the manufacturing plant, ensuring reliability and safety.

Advantages of PVC Y Strainers

  • Corrosion Resistance: Constructed from transparent PVC, these strainers provide high chemical stability and long-term durability.
  • Easy Installation: The design ensures fast, safe, and reliable installation with high joint strength, preventing water leakage.
  • Convenient Maintenance: When impurities accumulate, the filter screen can be quickly removed and cleaned, maintaining the system’s efficiency.
  • Wide Range of Applications: PVC Y strainers are ideal for use in irrigation, water supply, and potable water systems, making them a versatile choice for various industries.

PVC Y strainers are a versatile and efficient solution for protecting piping system components from damage due to dirt or debris. With their robust design, easy maintenance, and wide range of applications, they are a valuable addition to any liquid filtration system. Whether used in irrigation or water supply systems, PVC Y strainers ensure your system remains clean and operational, providing a reliable barrier against contaminants.

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