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PVC Schedule 80 Pipe & Fittings

All pipes and fittings adhere to the ANSI standards. UPVC pipes are crafted from a 100% virgin unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compound, ensuring that no recycled materials are incorporated into the manufacturing process.

The pressure rating of PVC SCH80 pipes varies depending on the pipe’s diameter and temperature. At a reference temperature of 73°F (23°C), the pressure ratings can range significantly.


Standard:ASTM D1785

PVC Sch80 pipe standard wall thickness

Size:'' Wall thickness Outer diameter Toleranceo of wall thinkness Max PSI
1/2" 3.73mm 21.34mm 0~+0.51 850
3/4" 3.91mm 26.67mm 0~+0.51 690
1" 4.55mm 33.4mm 0~+0.53 630
1-1/4" 4.85mm 42.16mm 0~+0.58 520
1-1/2" 5.08mm 48.26mm 0~+0.61 470
2" 5.54mm 60.32mm 0~+0.66 420
2-1/2" 7.01mm 73.02mm 0~+0.84 400
3" 7.62mm 88.9mm 0~+0.91 370
4" 8.56mm 114.3mm 0~+1.02 320
5" 9.52mm 141.3mm 0~+1.14 290
6" 10.97mm 168.28mm 0~+1.32 280
8" 12.7mm 219.08mm 0~+1.52 250
10" 15.06mm 273.05mm 0~+1.8 230
12" 17.45mm 323.85mm 0~+2.08 230
14" 19.05mm 355.6mm 0~+2.29 220
16" 21.41mm 406.4mm 0~+2.57 220

General Hot Selling Products

ANSI standard PVC Pressure systems are available in many types of fittings to suit different applications and requirements. Below are our best-selling types of PVC accessories.

Sch80 PVC Pipes

PVC Pressure Pipes

Sch80 PVC Coupling

Sch80 PVC Coupling

Sch80 PVC Reducing Coupling

Sch80 PVC Reducing Coupling

Sch80 PVC 90Deg Elbow

Sch80 PVC 90Deg Elbow

Sch80 PVC 45Deg Elbow

Sch80 PVC 45Deg Elbow

Sch80 PVC Tee

Sch80 PVC Tee

Sch80 PVC Reduceing Tee

Sch80 PVC Reduceing Tee

Sch80 PVC Male Adapter

Sch80 PVC Male Adapter

Sch80 PVC Female Adapter

Sch80 PVC Female Adapter

Sch80 PVC Union

Sch80 PVC Union

Sch80 PVC Cross Tee

Sch80 PVC Cross Tee

Sch80 PVC One Piece Flange

Sch80 PVC One Piece Flange

Sch80 PVC Van Stone Flange

Sch80 PVC Van Stone Flange

Sch80 PVC Cap

Sch80 PVC Cap

PVC True Union Ball Valve For SPA

ANSI PVC True Union Ball Valve

PVC True Union Ball Check Valve

ANSI PVC True Union Ball Check Valve

Lug style PVC Handle Butterfly Valve

ANSI PVC Butterfly Valve


The FAQs About PVC Schedule 80 Pipe & Fittings

Please note that the following is the FAQ of our regular  ANSI Standard SCH80 PVC pipe fittings. If you have other requirements, please contact us by email

uPVC Sch80 Pipe:

Size: 1/2"-20"

Length:4M or 5M

u PVC Sch80  Fittings:


Normally we set the minimum order quantity to be 10 boxes per size.

 Usually we will deliver within a week if there is stock, and within 30 days if there is no stock.



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Wanna dig deeper into PVC Schedule 80 Pipe & Fittings?


Why Choose PVC Schedule 80 Pipe & Fittings?

Stable physical properties

Resistant to water pressure, external pressure, and high impact strength

Good chemical resistance

Has good acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance

Light weight

The quality of PVC material is only 1/5 of iron. In comparison, transportation, loading, unloading and construction are very convenient.

Long Lasting

The theoretical service life of PVC pipes can reach 50 years, but in practical applications, due to the influence of environmental factors, such as temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation, chemical corrosion, etc., their service life is usually between 15 and 30 years.

Easy to operate

It can be installed and constructed with PVC special glue.
DIN Pn16 High Pressure PVC UPVC Pipe Fitting

General Applications For PVC Schedule 80 Pipe & Fittings

Chemical Industry

Sewage Treatment

Industrial fluid transportation,

Swimming Pool

PVC pipe fittings for chemical transport


SCH80 PVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings Installation Precautions

The installation methods and precautions of PVC pipes are key factors affecting the quality and service life of the project. Proper installation methods ensure that pipe connections are secure and tight, preventing leaks and damage. The precautions can help us avoid some common mistakes and problems and improve the effectiveness and reliability of installation.

Temperature limits:
PVC pipe can only be used within a specific temperature range. Before installation, it is important to understand the temperature limits of the pipe and make sure the ambient temperature is within range. PVC pipes may deform or crack if temperature limits are exceeded.
Fully supported:
When installing PVC pipes, a bracket should be installed every 1 meter for support to prevent the fittings from sagging or being stressed. Affect pipeline life.
Consider expansion and contraction

PVC pipe will expand and contract with temperature changes. Use expansion joints as needed to allow for movement, especially on longer runs. This helps prevent stress on the accessory.
Avoid excessive bending:
During the installation process of PVC pipes, excessive bending should be avoided. Excessive bending can cause the pipe’s strength to be compromised, possibly causing leaks or ruptures. Before installation, carefully measure and plan the path of the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline layout is reasonable.
Avoid exposure to sunlight:
If PVC pipes are exposed to sunlight for a long time, exposure will cause the pipes to become brittle and reduce their service life. When installing, choose a location away from direct sunlight and use light and heat isolation materials for protection.
Avoid clogging and contamination:
Before installing PVC pipe, make sure the inside of the pipe is clean and free of contaminants. Avoid getting foreign objects and impurities into the pipeline to prevent blockage and contamination. During the installation process, pay attention to the sealing and protection of the pipe opening to prevent external contamination.
Pay attention to the installation depth:
When installing the joint, make sure that the depth of the joint inserted into the pipe meets the standard requirements to ensure a firm and tight connection. If not inserted deep enough, the connector can easily fall off or leak.
Use appropriate thread sealant:
If using threaded fittings, apply appropriate thread sealant to prevent leaks

Note: The pipe is installed inside the fitting and we measure the outside diameter when measuring the pipe and the inside diameter for the fitting.

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