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Requirements for Chlorinated Poly(vinyl chloride) Plastic Hot and Cold Water Distribution System Components. These components are intended for use in residential and commercial, hot and cold, and potable water distribution systems in compliance with ASTM Standard D2846 for Hot and Cold Water Distribution Systems. These components are specified in a standard Made in sized ratio suitable for water service up to 180°F (82°C). These components include pipe and tubing, socket fittings, street fittings, plastic-to-metal transition fittings, solvent cement, and adhesives.

General Hot Selling Products

BS standard PVC Pressure systems are available in many types of fittings to suit different applications and requirements. Below are our best-selling types of PVC accessories.

ANSI Stranard CPVC Pipes

CPVC Pressure Pipes

CPVC Coupling ASTM D2846

CPVC Coupling

CPVC Reduce Coupling ASTM D2846

CPVC Reduce Coupling

CPVC 90Deg Elbow ASTM D2846

CPVC 90Deg Elbow

CPVC 45Deg Elbow ASTM D2846

CPVC 45Deg Elbow

CPVC Female Adapter With Brass ASTM D2846

CPVC Female Adapter With Brass



CPVC Female Tee ASTM D2846

CPVC Female Tee

CPVC Male Tee ASTM D2846

CPVC Male Tee

CPVC Male Adapter ASTM D2846

CPVC Male Adapter With Brass

CPVC Male Adapter With Brass ASTM D2846

CPVC Male Adapter

CPVC Female Adpater ASTM D2846

CPVC Female Adapter With Brass

CPVC Female Adapter With Brass ASTM D2846

CPVC Female Adpater

CPVC Union ASTM D2846

CPVC Union

CPVC Female Adapter ASTM D2846

PVC Female Adpater

CPVC Male Adapter ASTM D2846

PVC Male Adpater

CPVC Bushing ASTM D2846

CPVC Bushing

CPVC Cross Tee ASTM D2846

CPVC Cross Tee

CPVC Tank Connector ASTM D2846

CPVC Tank Connector



CPVC Drop Elbow ASTM D2846

CPVC Drop Elbow


The FAQs About CPVC CTS Pipes & Fittings ASTM D2846

Please note that the following are FAQs for our regular ASTM D2846 standard CPVC fittings. If you have other requirements, please contact us by email

CPVC  ASTM2846 Pipe:

Size: 1/2"-4"

Length:4M or 6M

CPVC  ASTM2846 Fittings:

Size: 1/2"-4"

Usually our products have a minimum order quantity, and the specifications of each component require 20ctns, such as 1/2" 90deg Elbow 20 boxes

 Usually we will deliver within a week if there is stock, and within 30 days if there is no stock.



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Why Choose CPVC CTS Pipes & Fittings ASTM D 2846

High temperature resistance 82 °C

Corrosion-resistantfor drinking water

Stable chemical properties

Excellent flame retardancy

light weight

Easy to install using solvent based cement

Economical and durable

General Applications For CPVC CTS Pipes & Fittings ASTM D2846

Residential Pipelines:

Commonly used for various residential applications such as cold and hot water supply, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and irrigation systems. Their corrosion resistance and high-temperature tolerance make them an ideal choice for residential projects.

Commercial Plumbing:

Employed in commercial buildings with high water demand, these larger-scale plumbing systems are suitable for crucial applications in hotels, hospitals, schools, and offices, prioritizing durability, lifespan, and easy installation.

Industrial Applications:

Utilized in industrial environments requiring chemical resistance and high-temperature tolerance, these pipes find use in chemical processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial settings where pipeline systems may encounter corrosive substances.
CPVC pipe fittings for domestic water supply


CPVC CTS Pipes & Fittings ASTM D2846 Installation Guidelines

1. Compliance with ASTM D2846 Standard:

The installation of CPVC pipes should adhere to the specifications outlined in the ASTM D2846 standard. This includes specifications for pipe and fittings, the type of glue and solvents used, and other relevant details.

2. Use of Appropriate Tools and Materials:

During the installation process, specialized tools such as pipe cutters and sandpaper should be used to ensure accurate cutting and cleaning of pipes and fittings. Additionally, the use of CPVC-specific solvent glue that meets the standard is essential.

3. Accurate Measurement and Cutting:

Ensure accurate measurement and cutting of CPVC pipes according to the specific project requirements. The length and angles of the pipes should conform to the design specifications.

4. Cleaning Pipe Ends:

Before connection, clean the ends of CPVC pipes using sandpaper or other suitable tools to ensure a secure connection.

5. Proper Application of Glue:

Before connecting, apply CPVC-specific solvent glue evenly. Ensure that the application of glue follows the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and standards.

6. Correct Connection Depth:

When inserting CPVC pipe ends into fittings, ensure that the insertion depth complies with the manufacturer’s recommendations and standard requirements to ensure the strength and stability of the connection.

7. Maintaining Connection After Assembly: After assembly, maintain the position of the connection to ensure stability until the solvent glue is completely dry.
8. Waiting for Curing: Allow sufficient time for the solvent glue to dry and cure after assembly. The drying time depends on the specific glue used and environmental conditions.

9. Conducting Tests:

After installation, conduct necessary tests to ensure the strength and leak resistance of the connections. This may include pressure tests.

10. Adherence to Local Building Codes:

During CPVC pipe installation, adhere to local building codes and regulations.

Note:  that the above are general installation requirements, and specific requirements may vary based on manufacturer recommendations, local regulations, and project specifications. Before installing CPVC pipes, it is advisable to thoroughly review relevant standards and manufacturer installation instructions, ensuring compliance with the correct procedures.

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