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PVC Knife Gate Valve


Color: Grey

Lead time: 30 days around

MOQ: 10Ctns

Package: Cartons Box

Delivery: Ocean or Express

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

Products Description

PVC Gate valve is generally designed to handle low to medium pressure and is not suitable for high-pressure applications.

We are a professional supplier of plastic valves and accessories. Our company mainly produces various plastic ball valves, pipes, and pipe fittings with a history of 15 years. PVC double live ball valves are part of our product range. We welcome you to contact us for more detailed product information and look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you.

Structure diagram of PVC Gate Valve

PVC Gate Valve Drawing
NO. Part Material
1 End Connector UPVC
2 Valve Disc ABS/1Cr13
3 Seat Seal TPV
4 Bolt A2/304
5 Stem 1Cr13
6 Body Upvc
7 Lining ABS
9 Handle ABS

Key Attributes and Guidelines for PVC Gate Valves

Essential Features:

Material: Composed of PVC, these valves excel in corrosion and chemical resistance, making them ideal for applications like wastewater treatment and irrigation.
Operation: The valves function by lifting a gate—either rectangular or circular—out of the fluid’s path, enabling smooth flow. They often come with hand-operated, self-locking mechanisms.
Seal Integrity: These valves offer robust sealing features, minimizing the risk of leaks.
Pressure Range: Generally, these valves are engineered for low to medium-pressure systems and are not recommended for high-pressure use.

Important Considerations:

Sizing and Specs: Ensure the valve’s dimensions align with your pipeline requirements and can handle the system’s pressure and temperature conditions.
Compliance: Look for valves that meet recognized industry standards such as ANSI or ISO to ensure reliability and quality.
Usage: Consider the nature of the fluid and the operational conditions when selecting a valve.
Maintenance: These valves are generally low-maintenance but periodic inspections for wear are recommended.
Special Types: Full-Bore PVC Slide Gate Valves
Designed initially for low-pressure applications like tank drainage and pond control, these valves offer rapid shut-off capabilities. They facilitate unrestricted flow through a simple push/pull mechanism and are particularly cost-effective, especially in larger sizes, compared to ball valves. However, they are not suited for handling hard debris.

Dimensions Unit:mm

Size DN L L1 L2 D D1 Material Remark
32mm (1") 28 69 148 105 32 42.5 Handle -ABS Disc-ABS
40mm (1-1/4") 32 73 148 105 40 50.5
50mm (1-1/2") 40 88 176 127 50 58
63mm (2") 50 106 202 145 63 72.5
75mm (2-1/2") 65 121 300 214 75 90
90mm (3") 80 126 300 214 90 108 Handle -ABS Disc-SS304/1Cr13
110mm (4") 100 128 330 230 110 128
160mm (6") 150 184 470 328 160 180

How to produce a qualified plastic ball valve ?

PVC Raw Material Granules

Premium Raw Materials

Each valve is born from 100% new, high-quality materials for unmatched durability.

Plastic ball valve injection molding production

Customized services

Our automated lines ensure efficient, uniform production for every order.

Dimensional inspection

Selective Quality Control

We strictly inspect every batch of products to ensure they meet the standards

Plastic ball valve assembly

Skilled Assembly

Assembled by seasoned experts, our valves promise reliability and longevity.

Plastic ball valve laser printing trademark

Branding with Precision

Customize with laser-engraved logos to elevate your brand’s visibility.

PVC ball valve leakage test

Unwavering Quality Assurance

We conduct 100% inspections to uphold our commitment to zero leaks.

PVC True Union Ball Valve Packaging

Tailored Packaging

Your products, showcased in custom packaging designed to impress and protect.


Robust Production Capacity

Ready to fulfill large orders with a monthly capacity that outpaces demand.

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