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Back Pressure Valve(PVC/CPVC/PVDF)

Size: DN15-DN65

Lead time: 30 days around

MOQ: 10ctns                       

Delivery: Ocean or Express   

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

All You Need To Know About Back Pressure Valve

Back Pressure Valve is a valve used to control fluid pressure, which can maintain a certain pressure of the fluid in the pipeline. Back pressure valves are usually installed at the end of pipelines to prevent backflow or backflow of fluid in the pipeline, and can control the flow and pressure of the fluid.

Principle Working

The back pressure valve operates through the elastic force of the built-in spring: when the system pressure is lower than the set pressure, the diaphragm blocks the pipeline under the action of the spring force; When the system pressure is greater than the set pressure, the diaphragm compresses the spring, the pipeline is connected, and the liquid passes through the back pressure valve. The structure of the back pressure valve is similar to that of the one-way valve, but the opening pressure is greater than that of the one-way valve, ranging from 0.1 to 1.0 MPa.

When the pressure in the pipeline or equipment container is unstable, the back pressure valve can maintain the required pressure in the pipeline, allowing the pump to output flow normally. In addition, due to gravity or other effects, siphoning often occurs at the outlet of the pump. At this time, the back pressure valve can reduce the flow and pressure fluctuations caused by siphoning.

How Bakc Pressure Valve Work

Cross-sectional view of back pressure valve

Material: UPVC, CPVC, PVDF

Working pressure: 0-1.0MPa, 0.2-1. 6MPa

Size: DN15-DN65

Link method: socket, threaded, flange type

Diaphragm material: PTFE+EPDM

What Are Back Pressure Used For?

# Industrial production:
In metallurgy, steel, electric power, petroleum, chemical, and other industries, back pressure valves are widely used in pipeline pressure control, heating furnace flue gas control, etc., and can effectively maintain pressure balance and stabilize production.

# Chemical industry:
The back pressure valve can be used in the production process of carbamazepine and other preparations to adjust the feed speed and pressure of the reaction kettle to ensure the quality of the preparation.

# Pharmaceutical industry:
In the pharmaceutical industry, back-pressure valves can be used to adjust the pressure of pure water pipelines to ensure water quality during the pharmaceutical production process.

# Food industry:
In the food industry, back pressure valves are used in the bottling process to control the feed rate and pressure of bottles filled by the filling machine.

Application of Back Pressure Valve in Pipeline

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