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Plastic Globe Valve(PVC /CPVC /PPH/PVDF)

Size: DN15(1/2″)-DN150(6″)


Lead time: 30 days around

MOQ: 10ctns                       

Delivery: Ocean or Express   

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

All You Need To Know About Globe Valve

Designed to manage fluid flow in environments where corrosion resistance and lightweight materials are essential, plastic globe valves are widely used in sectors such as chemical processing, water treatment, and various other industries where their function is critical. This guide provides a detailed look at shut-off valves, discussing their applications, operational mechanisms, and key considerations for purchasing. It also explores the various types of globe valves on the market, comparing them to other types of industrial valves to aid in making an informed decision.

Names and materials of Plastic Globe valve components

Design and Operating Principle:
No. Part Name Material
1 Hand whell Alloy material
3 Yoke seal PTFE
4 Cap nut FRPP
5 Hex nuts Steel
6 Filling plece Steel
8 Double headed stud Steel
9 Stem Steel+Plastic
12 Rubber washer EPDM,FPM
13 Hex nuts Steel
14 Cap nut FRPP

What Are Globe Valves Used For?

Globe valves are highly versatile flow control devices used extensively across multiple industries. Primarily, they regulate, initiate, or halt fluid flow. Below is an overview of their common applications in specific industries:

Oil and Gas Industry

Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pulp and Paper Industry

Power Generation

Mining Industry

Water Treatment Plants

How Globe Valve Work

By controlling the rise and fall of the valve core, plastic globe valves manage fluid flow. This functionality is particularly beneficial in environments that demand corrosion resistance and cost-effectiveness. The structure of these valves typically includes an outer body and an inner valve core (valve disc), both made from durable, corrosion-resistant plastic to withstand various working conditions. The valve core, situated inside the body, connects to an operating device such as a handle, electric motor, or pneumatic device via the valve stem. By manipulating the operating device, the stem moves, raising or lowering the core. When the core is fully lifted, the valve opens, allowing fluid to pass. Lowering the core shuts the valve, blocking fluid flow. Adjusting the stem’s position enables partial opening or closing of the valve, providing precise control over fluid flow. Additionally, these valves generally offer robust sealing performance to prevent leaks when closed, thanks to a sealing surface between the core and the body.


Globe Valve Working Video

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Procurement Guidelines for Globe Valves

Material Compatibility: Opt for a valve material that can withstand the fluids or gases in your system, ensuring durability and preventing corrosion.

Pressure and Temperature Ratings: Verify that the valve’s specifications meet the operational conditions of your system.

Type of Globe Valve: Depending on your specific needs, select from straight-through, angle, or Y-type globe valves.

Certification and Standards: Ensure the valve meets relevant industry standards and certifications, such as ISO.

Vendor Evaluation: Consider the supplier’s reliability and reputation by reviewing customer feedback, case studies, and quality certifications.

Customization Options: If unique requirements exist, check for available customization options like special seals, materials, or actuation methods.

Lead Time: Ensure the supplier’s delivery schedules align with your project timelines.

Warranty and After-Sales Support: Familiarize yourself with the warranty terms and the extent of after-sales support, including the availability of replacement parts.

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