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PA Air Release Valve

Size: 1/2″-2″

Color: Black&Orange/Black & Navy Blue

Lead time: 30 days around

MOQ: 10ctns                       

Delivery: Ocean or Express   

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

All You Need to Know About Air Release Valves

Air release valves are specialized valves designed to automatically release accumulated air from fluid handling systems. They are commonly used in water, wastewater, and irrigation systems to improve efficiency and prolong the lifespan of pipeline components.

Primarily used to vent air pockets during system operation.
Enhances the efficiency and performance of the system by preventing air-related issues such as water hammer and pipeline corrosion.

Working principle of PA automatic Release valve:

System water filling:
During the water-filling process of the system, a large amount of air is discharged from the upper part of the powered automatic exhaust valve. After the water enters the air chamber, the float rises with the liquid to close the rapid intake and exhaust ports. The aerodynamic valve body design and float anti-blowing design can prevent the float from being blown up by high-speed airflow before the water enters the air valve, causing premature closing of the exhaust valve port.

The system is under pressure:
When the system is under pressure, the plastic automatic exhaust valve is closed.
System negative pressure status:
When the system is emptied, a negative pressure difference is formed. The air pushes the float downward, the power-type rapid air inlet opens, and the air enters the automatic exhaust valve to avoid the formation of negative pressure in the system.

How Air Valve Work

Working process of PA automatic Release valve:

A. The working process of the automatic exhaust valve when the empty pipe is filled with water:
1. Fully discharge the air in the pipe so that water filling can proceed smoothly.
2. After the air in the pipe is evacuated, water enters the exhaust valve, and the buoyancy of its float rises, sealing the intake and exhaust ports.
3. Then the air gradually accumulated in the system will collect at the high point of the system, that is, in the air valve, replacing the water that originally existed in the valve body.
4. As air accumulates, the liquid level in the valve drops, and the float also drops. Pull the sealing chain (only available for vacuum valves), open the automatic exhaust port, and release the air.
5. After the air is released, water enters the air valve again, floats the float valve, and seals the exhaust port. The following 3, 4, and 5 will continue to cycle during system operation.
B. When the pressure in the system is lower than the air pressure (generating negative pressure), the working process of the air valve
1. The floating ball of the plastic automatic exhaust valve will fall immediately and open the low-pressure intake and exhaust port.
2. Air enters the system from this, eliminating negative pressure and protecting the system.

1. Large Flow: Sֺtraight flow body with large diameter automatic orifice: More than usual flow rates.
· Good intake and exhaust performance: The aerodynamic full-body kinetic shield, prevents premature closing without disturbing air intake or discharge.
2. Excellent Seal: Prevents leakage under low pressure (0.1 bar/1.5psi) by dynamic sealing Compact, simple, and reliable structure.
3. Reliable and durable: Cֺompact, simple, and reliable structure whose parts are fully corrosion, chemical, and fertilizer resistant: Lower maintenance and increased life span.

PA Air Release valve for agricultural irrigation

What Are PA Air Release Valves Used For?

1. Mֺain Irrigation Networks: Air relief and vacuum prevention downstream of pumps, along supply lines, and at elevations in main irrigation networks.
2. Iֺrrigation Control Heads: Air relief and vacuum prevention at filtration and fertilization stations.
3. Iֺnfield Systems: Prevention of vacuum formation.

Anatomical diagram of PA Air Release valve

NO. Part Name Material
1 IInsect Screen PE
2 Kinetic Orifice PA
3 Dynamic Seal EPDM
4 Body PA
5 Float PP
7 Male Threaded PA
8 Stopping Disc PP
9 Female Threaded PA
PA exhaust valve

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