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A PVC Gate valve is generally designed to handle low to medium pressure and is not suitable for high-pressure applications.



Lead time: 30 days around

MOQ: 10Ctns

Package: Cartons Box

Delivery: Ocean or Express

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Place of origin: China

Structure diagram of PVC Gate Valve

PVC Gate Valve Drawing
NO. Part Material
1 End Connector UPVC
2 Valve Disc ABS/1Cr13
3 Seat Seal TPV
4 Bolt A2/304
5 Stem 1Cr13
6 Body Upvc
7 Lining ABS
9 Handle ABS

Key Attributes and Guidelines for PVC Gate Valves

Essential Features:

Material: Composed of PVC, these valves excel in corrosion and chemical resistance, making them ideal for applications like wastewater treatment and irrigation.
Operation: The valves function by lifting a gate—either rectangular or circular—out of the fluid’s path, enabling smooth flow. They often come with hand-operated, self-locking mechanisms.
Seal Integrity: These valves offer robust sealing features, minimizing the risk of leaks.
Pressure Range: Generally, these valves are engineered for low to medium-pressure systems and are not recommended for high-pressure use.

Important Considerations:

Sizing and Specs: Ensure the valve’s dimensions align with your pipeline requirements and can handle the system’s pressure and temperature conditions.
Compliance: Look for valves that meet recognized industry standards such as ANSI or ISO to ensure reliability and quality.
Usage: Consider the nature of the fluid and the operational conditions when selecting a valve.
Maintenance: These valves are generally low-maintenance but periodic inspections for wear are recommended.
Special Types: Full-Bore PVC Slide Gate Valves
Designed initially for low-pressure applications like tank drainage and pond control, these valves offer rapid shut-off capabilities. They facilitate unrestricted flow through a simple push/pull mechanism and are particularly cost-effective, especially in larger sizes, compared to ball valves. However, they are not suited for handling hard debris.

Dimensions Unit:mm

Size DN L L1 L2 D D1 Material Remark
32mm (1") 28 69 148 105 32 42.5 Handle -ABS Disc-ABS
40mm (1-1/4") 32 73 148 105 40 50.5
50mm (1-1/2") 40 88 176 127 50 58
63mm (2") 50 106 202 145 63 72.5
75mm (2-1/2") 65 121 300 214 75 90
90mm (3") 80 126 300 214 90 108 Handle -ABS Disc-SS304/1Cr13
110mm (4") 100 128 330 230 110 128
160mm (6") 150 184 470 328 160 180

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